Success Stories 

A Whole Family Affair

Two teens were in trouble with the school and the juvenile system for fighting on the school bus. Mediation was suggested when it was discovered that the issue was far more complicated than the single incident. The families of these teens had been in the court numerous times for 2-3 years.  While the parents were present for the mediation, it was made clear that the facilitated conversation process was for the two teens.

The conversation allowed the teens to express to each other how they had been hurt by the things that had been said about them. They cried together as they explained that they would have never intentionally hurt one another. Then, they laughed together as they discovered who was creating the rumors. The entire room became calm as the parents and the grandparents involved witnessed the power of clear communication,  active listening, and genuine respect for others.

Together, the teens created their plan for what tomorrow would look like for them - how they would stand together as friends on the school bus and keep their agreement confidential between them. The mediation concluded with both families - teens, parents, and grandparents - sharing a meal together to celebrate what these children had accomplished and the end of a long-lasting family battle.

Designing Visitation Plans

Two brothers (13 and 15-years-old) were in supervised visitation with their father, who had been incarcerated for ten years. The brothers wanted to love and to be loved by their father, but were afraid that in doing so, they might betray their mother, who had been hurt by their father.

A court order was already in place to spell out parental rights for the family, but both parents were concerned about the overall well-being of the boys. They opted to voluntarily participate in mediation to ensure the outcome was truly in the best interests of the children. Neither parent was playing a victim role; instead, both of them wanted to be involved in the lives of these boys. 

In two mediation sessions, they were able to craft a plan specifically for their unique circumstances. They never involved attorneys nor participated in the formal litigation process.

As a result of the mediation, the boys had unified parents to guide them, and the mother received what she needed to have peace. Without participating in the mediation process, she said she would have never heard some of the things that she needed to hear in order to move forward.

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